Informative discussions on regenerative practices from webinars and conferences.

Napa RISE workshop recordings

Leading practitioners in Regen Viticulture in the USA. Includes Mimi Casteel’s ‘marquee address’ on proactive farming, soil health and biodiversity. All available to view online

The role of biodiversity in vines in a changing climate

Porto Protocol climate talk bringing together producers from around the world to talk about their experience of enhancing biodiversity, sharing solutions.

Choice of grape varieties as a resilience building tool

Porto Protocol climate talk on climate change causing long term geographical shifts in suitable grape varieties and production areas. Solutions that adapt to climate change include different varieties, clones and rootstocks.

A wine world beyond glyphosate

Porto Protocol climate talk ‘solutions perspective’ to the controversy surrounding glyphosate. Includes discussions on:

New challenges in managing soils

Porto Protocol climate talk with Jason Haas of Tablas Creek, hosted by Stephen Cronk. Looking into the challenges associated with managing vineyard soils regeneratively

Building climate resilience with animals in the vineyards

Porto Protocol climate talk on the benefits of integrating animals into vineyard management: carbon sequestration, soil health and biodiversity, reduction in herbicides and chemicals

Discovering the world of vineyard microbes

Porto Protocol climate talk ‘research edition’, with academics and experts sharing the results of different studies into vineyard microbes. Explores the structure, function and management of the vineyard microbiome. Learn how management practices influence the health of our vineyards, the environment and the wine.

Biochar as a climate mitigation tool

Porto Protocol climate talk hosted by Mimi Casteel. With Antoine Lespes from Domaine Lafage, Hans-Peter Schmidt from the Delinat Institute and Claudia Kammann from Geisenheim University

AWRI Regenerative Viticulture – what, how and why?

The first half of this November 2022 webinar explores the key principles of regen ag and the drivers that influence on-farm decision making and farmer aspirations. The second half explores incorporating these principles into a vineyard management system and why wine grapegrowers are moving in this direction. Plus a holistic grazing expert on sheep grazing […]

Porto Protocol climate talks

Informative discussions on every climate related aspect of wine making, all available to watch online or listen to as podcasts. Vineyard topics include: biochar, soil microbes, animals, soil management, the world beyond glyphosate, choice of grape varieties to aid resilience, healthy soils, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, coping with extreme weather events