Materials and media concerning regenerative agriculture and viticulture. Further reading/viewing and links we can recommend for discovering more about regenerative viticulture.

Is regenerative viticulture the answer?

Tamlin Currin from poses the question whether regenerative viticulture could be the answer to wine producers becoming front-line generals in the battle to save our planet.

Cover crops and carbon stocks

How under-vine management influences SOC inputs and turnover in two vineyards

Podcast: What is Regenerative Viticulture?

Wine journalist Stacy Briscoe talks to Jason Haas of California’s Tablas Creek Vineyard and the RVF’s Richard Leask about their interpretations and definitions of Regenerative Viticulture.

The Launch of the RVF at London’s 67 Pall Mall

The RVF launch included speakers Mimi Casteel, Miguel Torres, Dr Jamie Goode and Jancis Robinson MW. Hosted by Justin Howard-Sneyd MW and Stephen Cronk.

New group promotes regenerative viticulture in climate battle

Rupert Joy covers the launch of the RVF in this article from Decanter

New Challenges of Managing Soil

The Regenerative Viticulture Foundation partnered with the Porto Protocol to host their recent Climate Talk on Managing Soils.

California Vineyards Use Owls Instead of Pesticides

Rather than turning to rodenticides to deter pests, graduate students at Humboldt State University in California are testing a more natural approach by using owls.

Sheep in the Vineyard: First Insights into a New Integrated Crop-Livestock System in Central Europe

An academically-framed report of 34 interviews with European winegrowers on their experience of introducing grazing sheep into their vineyards.

Setting up and implementing result-based carbon farming mechanisms in the EU

The EU has published this technical guidance on implementing a carbon farming mechanism in the EU. Opportunities and challenges are identified, based on analysis of EU carbon farming schemes implemented or trialled over recent decades.

Wineries Devoted To Sustainability Are Becoming The Rule, Not The Exception

A Forbes article detailing various wine brands making inroads into sustainable and regenerative winegrowing.

Regenerative Viticulture Symposium – Allan Savory

In late June 2021, Familia Torres hosted a full day symposium on Regenerative Viticulture. Here is a video of Allan Savory’s contribution to the symposium.

Days of wine and olives: how the old farming ways are paying off in Spain

The ‘no-plough’ regenerative methods adopted in small vineyards have spread to olive groves and leading wine producers – boosting biodiversity and profits

Jackson Family Pushes for Greater Action on Climate Change and Sustainability

California-based wine giant sets itself ambitious environmental goals for 2030 and urges other wineries to follow suit

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – Sixth Assessment Report

The IPCC report on climate change which lays out the most comprehensive current understanding and forecasts of global climate change.

Sustainable Wine

Sustainable Wine Ltd is a purpose driven business based in London. Their mission is to make sustainability mainstream in the wine industry.

The Vineyard Team

Arising from growers’ interest to educate and guide themselves towards sustainable winegrowing practices, the Vineyard Team has become an internationally recognised leader in the sustainability movement.

The Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

A show for professional growers looking to greatly increase crop quality, yield, and profit.

Kiss The Ground

A podcast hosted by the largest global regenerative agriculture organisation, Kiss The Ground.


Farmerama Radio is an award-winning podcast sharing the voices behind regenerative farming.


Ungrafted is a podcast about wine, humanity, and the planet.

VidaCycle Regenerative Viticulture Series #3: Practicalities of Regenerative Viticulture; Dan Rinke with Luke Spalding

Dan Rinke and Luke Spalding in conversation, sharing their experiences, highs, and lows of transforming vineyards through regenerative viticulture.

VidaCycle Regenerative Viticulture Series #2: Regenerative experiments in a UK vineyard; RegenBen with Abby Rose

Ben Taylor-Davies a.k.a. “RegenBen”, a 2016 Nuffield Scholar with a vineyard in Herefordshire and with a passion for regenerative viticulture interviewed by Abby Rose.

VidaCycle Regenerative Viticulture Series #1: Building Soil Health in your Vineyard with Nicole Masters

An interview with Nicole Masters agro-ecologist and viticulture consultant exploring her experiences and advice in implementing regenerative practices in vineyards.

Regenerative Agriculture: An agronomic perspective

An academic paper exploring the difficulties in researching regenerative agriculture from an agronomic perspective.

Ecosystems and Human Well-Being

A UN-commissioned assessment conclusively linking ecosystem health and biodiversity to human well-being.

What Is Regenerative Agriculture? A Review of Scholar and Practitioner Definitions Based on Processes and Outcomes

A paper reviewing literature and practitioners mentioning regenerative agriculture, useful for gaining a greater understanding of the different uses and definitions of the term.

To till or not to till in a temperate ecosystem? Implications for climate change mitigation

Results of a study demonstrating that zero-tillage can represent a ‘win–win’ situation, where in addition to CO2 mitigation, other important benefits are achieved.

Defining and Managing for Healthy Vineyard Soils, Intersections With the Concept of Terroir

An academic review showing that the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of soil health overlap clearly with the soil related aspects of terroir.

Is Being Sustainable Enough for Australian Wine? Regenerative agriculture can redefine what is best practice viticulture

A paper exploring the transformative effects of regenerative agriculture in the vineyard.