The RV Guide

Welcome to the RV Guide

This is a guide to practices that we consider to be useful in farming vines regeneratively. Its purpose is to help growers recognise the good practices they already have in their vineyards, assess their level of integration and discover other practices that they could consider.

That vineyard survey you have created is pure gold….I feel this is the best summary of regenerative practices along with a detailed explanation that I have ever seen…serious gold star.

Nate Wall, Troon Vineyard (ROC Gold)

Growers are invited to score their vineyard against 16 practices, using accompanying explanatory information to help them determine their score.

Please note this is neither a certification, nor a prescriptive list of compulsory activities. Every vineyard’s context is different.

The goal is a healthy and improving soil, and a functioning ecosystem producing an economically viable crop.

You can use the map to find vineyards that have chosen to share their responses publicly. Some vineyard’s responses are only visible to other logged in users, so you will see more if you create an account and log in.