Podcasts and channels relevant to regenerative viticulture.

3 episodes with Becky Sykes on RV

Series of 3 podcasts for the UK Wine Show. Becky explains the principles of regenerative viticulture, why the foundation was set up, what the foundation does and about the certification schemes that are now available. The interviews all start around 10 minutes in to the podcasts.

Mimi interviews Nicole Masters

No-till Growers Podcast episode ‘Behavioural change in a time of ecological urgency with the UNSTOPPABLE agroecologist Nicole Masters of Integrity Soils’. This episode is definitely worth listening as these are two of the most thought-provoking leading people in regenerative agriculture. From February 2024

Trees in Viticulture?

ARENI global podcast with Mimi Casteel on the relevance of trees in vineyards

The No-Till Market Garden Podcast

The RVF’s Mimi Casteel turns interviewer, and brings in some serious players in the world of regenerative wine, including Miguel Torres, Eric Texier, and celeb Regen farmer Andy Cato.

Sustainable Wine

Sustainable Wine Ltd is a purpose driven business based in London. Their mission is to make sustainability mainstream in the wine industry.

The Vineyard Team

Arising from growers’ interest to educate and guide themselves towards sustainable winegrowing practices, the Vineyard Team has become an internationally recognised leader in the sustainability movement.

The Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

A show for professional growers looking to greatly increase crop quality, yield, and profit.

Kiss The Ground

A podcast hosted by the largest global regenerative agriculture organisation, Kiss The Ground.


Farmerama Radio is an award-winning podcast sharing the voices behind regenerative farming.


Ungrafted is a podcast about wine, humanity, and the planet.