How can I get my vineyard included on your map of registered vineyards?

Sign up to the RV Guide and complete the questions. At the end of the questionnaire click on ‘share with any website visitors’

How long will it take to complete the Guide?

15 minutes if you have all the information about your current practices to hand, longer if you need to look things up

Is the Guide available in other languages?

In future we will be translating the Guide into other languages with the assistance of some supporters who are fluent in those languages and technically knowledgeable about RV. However, these are not yet available.

In the meantime, Google Translate will instantly translate web pages with some technical inaccuracies.

PC users: ‘right-click’ on the page and select ‘translate to…’ You can select your language and a Google Translate icon appears on the right of your search bar. You can click this to select languages too.

Mac users: ‘control-click’ on the page and select ‘translate to…’

You will need to do it for every page you visit. We hope they are good enough to be useful!

When I try to add my vineyard I get a blank page. Why is that?

Please ensure you have cookies enabled. You can do this on the ‘find a registered vineyard’ page in ‘cookie settings’

I have more than one vineyard. Can I have each of them show separately on the map?

Yes, you can add as many vineyards as you wish and they will each have a marker on the map

My vineyard does not have a street address. How do I show where it is?

You can move the marker to the location of your vineyard

On one of the questions none of the answers represent my current practices. What should I do?

Please choose the answer closest to your current practice.  We are aware it can be difficult to choose from only 3 answers but we needed to stick to 3 to make it manageable! Please add any extra information in the free text box at the end.  This will be available as a reminder when you revisit the Guide in future. We recommend being conservative in your responses

What information will you share about me with website visitors?

Your vineyard name, region, certification(s),  the practices you are currently implementing and a link to your website. We will not share your personal details. Take a look at ‘find a registered vineyard’ to see what information is shared

I have completed the Guide but my vineyard is not showing on the map. How do I get it to show on the map?

You  need to select the privacy option ‘share with any website visitors’

I have completed the Guide but my vineyard is showing up with my name instead of my vineyard name. How do I change it?

Please click on ‘update my vineyard’ and add your vineyard name to the ‘vineyard name’ box

My vineyard sometimes shows on the map and sometimes doesn’t. Why is that?

If you have selected the privacy option ‘share with other logged in users’ your vineyard will be visible to you only when you are logged in

My vineyard shows on the map but with the wrong region name

Please log in and update your vineyard. Ensure that you have selected the wine region in the location section

I am only just starting to explore regenerative practices. Is it ok to be added to the map? I don’t feel that I am practising regenerative viticulture sufficiently

Yes, absolutely, we want everyone who is interested to be included

I have made a mistake/changed my practices. Can I change my answers?

Yes, you can change your answers by clicking ‘update my vineyard’

Are you planning on adding consultants and advisors of regenerative viticulture to the map?

Yes, we are planning version 2 of the RV Guide to include consultants and advisors in the future

Can I learn about the practices without a vineyard to test the Guide on?

Yes of course! The information is all included in our Toolkit in the Resources tab on our website

Is it possible to give you feedback on this beta version?

When will you be launching the RV Guide?

We intend to close the beta test and launch it by the end of May