Our mission

Our mission is to inspire the transition towards regenerative viticulture through science, communication and support for growers

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Our objectives

1. Bring people together

Bring together practitioners, researchers and leaders in regenerative agriculture and viticulture, working with experts in the fields of science, farming and communications.

2. Show the benefits

Scientifically prove and practically demonstrate or document the environmental, qualitative and economic benefits of biodiversity in viticulture.

3. Educate

Inform and educate the educators at key wine institutions.

4. Raise awareness

Raise awareness of the ideas, importance and benefits of biodiversity in viticulture via seminars, workshops, social media events and talks.

5. Create a support structure

Create a support structure for people wanting to learn more about the ideas and benefits of regenerative viticulture including templates and guides for wine producers.

Our vision

Working with nature to create a sustainable future for vineyards, growers and the planet

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