Video from IMW Symposium ’23

90 minute video of our ‘Farming for the Future’ panel – widely held to be one of the stand-out sessions of the IMW Symposium.

04 mins 50 secs Justin Howard-Sneyd MW
‘Does viticulture have a problem?’, proposing that solutions lie in adopting RV practices

19 mins 40 secs Mimi Casteel
4.5 billion years of evolutionary history, with a plea for wine producers to lead the way in regenerating habitats

33 mins 50 secs Abby Rose
The complexity and context-specific nature of farming, with ways to track the progress of soil health improvement

46 mins 40 secs Jamie Goode
Adopting RV practices in different types of vineyards, including for inexpensive wine. The evolution of viticulture in coming years.

1 hr 07 mins 15 secs Q&A session
– how to support a healthy farming community
– how to connect consumers to vineyards through tourism
– whether certification should be a goal of regen advocates
– how to minimise copper use
– how regenerative practices can empower the farmer and shift power back from the agrochemical companies
– how to move growers away from the fixation on tilling to reduce competition for water
– using groups of like-minded growers to share best practice
– the economics of regen farming