• Hardwick

  • Bandicoot Run

    Commitment to organic viticulture from planting.

  • Mariah Vineyards

    Family owned & farmed we are a high elevation, dry-farmed vineyard surrounded by native forest in the coastal Mendocino Ridge AVA. Holistically managing our vineyard combining regenerative and organic farming practices we are growing cool-climate grapes & wines that are reflective of our pristine mountain top. In 2020 Mariah Vineyards partnered with the Savory Institute to pilot their Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification program for vineyards worldwide. We are proud to be the first regenerative vineyard for Savory’s Global Land to Market Verified program and are dedicated to helping expand regenerative viticulture.

  • Viña Concha y Toro

    Viña Concha y Toro is group of wineries based in Chile, Argentina and the USA through 6 subsidiaries. 4 are based Chile (Concha y toro, Viña Maipo, Viña Don Melchor, Viña Cono Sur), 1 in Argentina (Trivento Bodegas y Viñedos) and 1 in the USA (Bonterra Organic States).
    All of the subsidiaries are certified under their national Sustainability Code for the Wine Industry. Our subsidiary in the USA also have the Regenerative Organic Certification since 2021.
    In Chile, the vineyards account for 10.850 hectares, Argentina 1.500 ha and USA 379 hectares.
    We are present in more that 130 countries, our annual sales in 2023 were 32 million 9L cases.

    We are implementing regenerative practices for soil, biodiversity since 2020.
    We have 4.272 hectares of natural forests today are certified under the Forest Stewarship Council Scheme. In 2019 we certified the Ecosystemic Service of Carbon Capture in the forest and we start calculating the carbon capture in a yearly basis since 2022. Ours forests are capturing 10.500 tons of CO2e per year.
    Now we are calculating the carbon captured by our soils. Given that our regenerative parctices have been in place for 3-4 years we want to measure the impact in CO2e content. In 2023 we started the baseline and during this year we expect to have the firts results.

  • Ambriel